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It is probably an issue on my end, but when I download the file, the doc only shows the red bar "Can't edit? make a copy",  the INFO, FAQ, SHEET-WIDE TOGGLES, and ATTRIBUTION sections; but none of the actual sheets? How do I access the sheets?

You might have figured it out by now, but for anyone else wondering how it works, there's a horizontal menu at the bottom of the page

Please add a manifest to make it able to be installed via the client

If you're using google drive you need to convert it to a direct link:

Also, do you have a Discord?

This is an online tool built on google sheets, you can make a copy by using the download button.

Ah, it doesn't download right via the desktop app, you have to include another download in the manifest for a zip file.

The intent of the tool is for online use only, with everyone accessing it via google sheets. Offline use isn’t a use case I’m going to put time into supporting.